Kuan Poojan

The word “KUAN” means well. Kuan Pujan is one of many auspicious rituals that is performed after the birth of a child. In this puja ceremony, mothers along with other family and friends worships the place which is a source for their drinking water and pray for the well-being of the new born child. This practice is said to be thousand of years old. The women usually go to a well, accompanied by dhols and nagadas. The mother of the child worships at the well followed up by the certain gifts that are exchanged between relatives and the mother of the child after the ceremony comes to an end. The mother and child are then dressed in brand new clothes and are bathed in lukewarm water. This worship, in its independent form, was originally created to strengthen the value of water in one’s life and the need to always protecting it. This puja ceremony is celebrated in different aspects with diverse rituals geographically. The Kuan Poojan ceremony is generally done after about a month of delivery. The ceremony is performed to signify the cleanliness of the mother and baby.

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